Disclosure/Ethics statement

The following applies to any writing I do on this site, Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. 

I often tend to write about local media issues. I am or have been either a full-time employee or freelancer with publications associated with Chicago magazine, PlayboyChicago TribuneChicago Sun-TimesTime Out Chicago, RedEye, and Chicagoist. I’ve appeared as a commentator on programs associated with WTTW, WGN and WBEZ. I’ve appeared on panels, organized events and socialized with people from countless blogs and media entities. In short, it would be impossible to write about media in Chicago if I restricted myself to writing only about those outlets with which I’ve never been associated.

To the best of my ability, I try not to let the above color my opinions. Where such previous interactions might cloud my judgment on an issue, I tend to avoid writing about the topic altogether or confess to a specific bias or association so the reader can judge for him or herself.

I own a home in the Morgan Park neighborhood of Chicago and volunteered social media and digital services to the neighborhood’s South Side Irish Parade for several years. I now volunteer with a group called 19th Ward Parents United, which advocates for equitable public schools. I am also a board member with the Southwest Chicago Diversity Collaborative.

I have a vested interest in the health of my neighborhood and raising the profile of the oft-overlooked South Side. But just as you wouldn’t recommend a place to a friend unless it was good, if I’m bragging on something down here it’s because I believe it’s worth your time to check it out.

Finally, I am currently Editorial Director at TeamWorks Media. The views on this site are mine, not theirs. Whenever possible, I attempt to divorce my current position from what I post and write as honestly as possible. When that isn’t possible, I disclose whatever bias might color my point of view.

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