Everyone is afraid. That’s how we got here.

I’m looking for hope right now or a sense of some common bond and that’s all I’ve come up with this morning.

For some, they’re worried their livelihoods or their way of life may end.

For others, they’re worried about their lives, that their actual lives may end.

Neither is hyperbole.

At this moment, I do not know how to bridge the gap and find a co-existence. But I’m re-committing myself to it.

We start with the world as we know it outside our door and the people closest to us, especially the ones we don’t agree with, and proceed outward from there.

I draw the line at those who want to hurt or expel those who are hurting no one and have the right to exist in their own space. I will not stop fighting for this.

From there, we figure the rest out.

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