Working again

I’ll keep this short: This Monday I start a new job at Cramer-Krasselt, the second largest independent agency in the country.  At C-K, I’ll be leading content strategy for clients and developing content for Web, mobile, social, video and other channels. The really exciting thing about this job is I’ll be doing a fair amount of writing again, which is something I’ve missed in my last few positions. It will be good to have that discipline on a regular basis and in a professional context. Through the interview process, I’ve met a bunch of really great people at C-K. Really looking forward to working with all of them.

During my time off, I spoke to some really great people and made a bunch of new connections. Many people helped me with introductions, coffee, lunch and other types of networking. A big thank you to everyone who read e-mails from me, listened to me explain what I was looking for and tried to help me find it or just sent a supportive message or two.

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