Links to the past: C-word edition

Here’s what caught my attention on Twitter this past week.

NASCAR’s removal of a YouTube video showing an accident on the track was unintentional. It’s funny to me how important this seemed a week ago.

Speaking of things that had everyone in a tizzy last week, The Onion apologized for that tweet during the Oscars. Former employees used it to bring attention to their new project no one had heard of yet. And speaking of the Oscars, Vulture’s Margaret Lyons dismantles every lame defense of Seth MacFarlane’s hosting gig. If you didn’t think it was that big a deal, here’s why that might have been. Finally, here’s an interesting roundup of brand-focused tweets during the ceremony.

Digiday argues brands are in a 24/7 marketing/conversation model. I had a good back-and-forth discussion with some folks on Twitter about this. Not sure all brands need to be 24/7 but not quite sure how to draw the line.

Art Spiegelman – author of the great graphic novel Maus – used to work on Garbage Pail Kids.

Farhad Manjoo on why Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer made a mistake in getting rid of work-from-home privileges.

Chicago might finally get its act together and create a real music industry for the city.

These pictures of little kids dressed up as iconic figures from black history might have been the best thing I saw all week.

Don’t lump Beverly’s Horse Thief Hollow in with the rest of the Western Avenue death march.

The Kansas University basketball team’s uniforms are half-Zubaz.

Which parts of the country say pop and which parts say soda? There’s a map for that.

Finally, here is Nick Offerman next to a quilt with Ron Swanson’s face on it.

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