A little light musing

My posts about Erin’s pregnancy and Abigail’s birth have been awfully introspective – and perhaps a little tear-jerky – so to keep this blog from being a ponderous chore to read, here are some amusing things that have happened in the Age of Abigail:

* I’d like to thank the creative and production staffs of “Parks & Recreation” for saving our sanity. The few moments Erin and I have to ourselves are usually spent decompressing via episodes of this show. We may decide to raise Abigail according to Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness at some future date.

* A friend of mine – a new father himself – sent me…er, Abigail a CD of 80s songs as lullabies. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is surprisingly affecting. Oh and Abigail likes it, too.

* The trash can in the baby’s room – the one containing all the dirty diapers and sanitary wipes – is so sophisticated that Erin and I somehow removed the bag in reverse. That’s right: Two college-educated people were almost outwitted by a garbage receptacle.

* My daughter’s “Let me interrupt you for a second so I can take a crap in my diaper” face is hysterical. It looks like she’s going into a trance or casting a spell. It’s almost as awesome as the noises she makes when she’s waking up or stretching, which bear a remarkable resemblance to the noises made by the “Compys” in Jurassic Park.

* Abigail’s favorite way for me to soothe her is being held while I walk up and down the stairs to our 2nd floor. Our house is an old bungalow so the stairs are attic-style which means they’re very steep. I can usually fake her out but achieve the same effect by walking around our dining room table while doing half-lunges.

At this rate, I should have buns of steel by Tuesday.

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