This and that

There’s been lots going on. Here’s a summary:

* I’m getting to a point where I’m bored with using this blog for purely professional discussions “on media: social, local and otherwise” as the tagline above says. I’m thinking it ought to be more like “On media, local, and otherwise.” Then again, I’ve been here before so who knows. But…

* My friend Matt Wood shut down his Tumblr account. Frankly, the only reason I started a Tumblr account was because Matt did and if he thought it was worth trying then it must have been. But we both, independently, seem to have come to the same conclusion: We’d prefer to have one place for all our thoughts, be they long or short. For my part, I’d be much happier with this blog – and blog more – if OMIC was a combo of what’s been here and what’s been on my Tumblr account.

* My wife and I are house-hunting. It’s alternately fun and terrible. But also terribly exciting to be taking this step.

* Work’s been crazy. More on that and the next step in the Chicago Media Future Conference soon.

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  1. August 3, 2009 at 2:58 pm

    Ha, I didn't think anyone would even notice. I just realized I was using my Tumblr account for what I always wanted to do on my regular blog, but for some reason I put limitations on what I could post there. Seemed silly. Like you said, keeping it all in one place makes me happier.

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