Chicago Media Future Conference non-wrap-up

I don’t really want to make any proclamations about the Chicago Media Future Conference yesterday. That isn’t because I don’t have an idea about how it was received by the attendees and those who followed the conversation in our live-blog and on Twitter; I spent most of the event walking around the room to get a true feel of the mood and talked to many people afterward who thankfully offered their honest assessments. My co-organizer, Mike Fourcher, and I ran through a shortlist of things we could have done better, and what we thought worked, on the El ride home.

But I’m more interested in hearing what everyone else has to say first. So if you were there, please comment in our open thread on the site or blog about it; we’re linking to the responses we see.

And thank you to everyone who gave us the gifts of their minds and time on a Saturday afternoon.

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