FOLIO Presentation: Training Non-Digital Staff

Here’s the presentation I gave at FOLIO.

A couple notes/warnings:

Due to A) Only having a week’s notice and B) being insanely busy with Time Out Chicago‘s cultural heroes package, the PowerPoint presentation below is…unfinished, let’s say. It’s stuck somewhere between “complimentary to the live presentation” and “a substitute for the live presentation,” which is no way to be. I also need to add notes so that the slides that are mainly amusing pictures to hammer home whatever verbal point I’m making have some context.

Plus, I’m not a fan of PowerPoint or slide presentations in general. I would have rather gotten up there and just given my presentation without it and spent more time on Q&A, especially since I ended up flubbing the pace.

But in the interest of all the openness I talked about this afternoon, here it is. I’m also publishing it here publicly – under a Creative Commons nd-sa license – so it’ll force me to go back and make edits in the near future.

* Addendum: Upon further reflection, let me give myself a little credit: I had a good handful of people come up to me afterwards to chat and say how they’d be taking what I said back with them to put into practice. And I noticed smiles and scribbling pens during my time so it must have gone pretty well. But I generally look at things I need to improve, rather than what I did well, so that accounts for the Debbie Downerisms above.

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