My blog vs. IE (Or: How life is like a piece of code)

This weekend I was hanging out with some friends and they mentioned that they’d had some trouble viewing this blog in Internet Explorer. I checked, and sure enough, IE would only display the main page prior to the first use of the “jump” link I use (that link you see on the longer posts I write) and wasn’t displaying the right-hand links at all. So figuring that hack was causing the problem, I yanked the code. And sure enough, problem solved.

Having the job I do, I know that the fault lies more with IE’s developer-unfriendly, ass-backwards code, not the hack code that works on every other damn browser (incidentally, which one of you is using Camino?). But as I once pointed out to Time Out’s developers, you have to code for your users, not for yourself. And if IE is causing a problem on Time Out’s site, and 40 percent of our user base uses IE, we have to fix it. Since a whopping 64 percent of OMIC’s user base uses IE, I had no choice but to fix the problem especially since it was preventing people from reading my posts, which is pretty much the whole point of this blog.

There’s a lesson here: No matter how right you think you are, sometimes it’s better to stop beating your head against the wall and just try something else.

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