TOC wants to sex you up

I’m sorry to say I didn’t write any of the articles in TOC‘s sex issue, now on newsstands and online. But it doesn’t mean I’m not proud of what we put out there. I’ve liked the magazine since before I worked there, but I think we’ve been on a streak of excellent issues lately.

While we don’t shy away from the TOC voice, we still managed to write about an adult topic for adults, rather than layering the whole thing with innuendo and suggestion and robbing it of any weight and information. The whole thing is a great read, particularly our sex survey of Chicago (or rather the TOC readership) that was the result of a bunch of work on the online side.

As I said, I didn’t write any of this but I did enjoy putting together this morning’s sexed-up home page. Wednesday is usually my roughest day at work because we’re there late putting up the new pages. One of the highlights of my day is writing the dek for that week’s In & Out column (by our sex and relationships columnist Debby Herbenick who wrote the lion’s share of our feature package). So getting to write an entire page full of things like “Furries, age play and clown sex. Or as we like to call it: a TOC staff meeting” was a nice way to break up the day.

Visually speaking, there’s not too much in the package that’s NSFW. I’d suggest you wait until you get home before curling up with the public sex stories though.

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  1. Rach=)
    October 18, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    Cool read Scott! I would wonder about the sampling though. According to the latest research, only 30% of women orgasm through penile-vaginal intercourse. Many more achieve orgasm through digital stimulation or oral sex. Hmmmm, maybe Chicago just has many more satisfied women than the rest of the country? :-p

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