The latest on the armed robbery

Some news today about the armed robbery I experienced:

I’ll second what the alderman says above. The men and women of the 22nd District were incredibly thorough and supportive throughout this. In particular, Detective Donnelly kept me on an even keel as he moved the investigation forward. When I grow up, I want his professionalism and attention to detail.

Obviously, I’m choosing not to reveal much about the what happened that night because there’s still a long way to go from here. It’s also why I’m not going into detail about my feelings about the two men who did this. It’s not worth it in the short-term and I’d rather focus on end goals.

But I’m very relieved that this is all happening.

Also, today Red Eye ran an excerpt of my blog post. I rewrote a few things in light of some recent criticism of the original post. This seems most relevant and keeps pointing the way forward for me:

We have to stop thinking of neighborhood boundaries as the limit of our interest. When crime happens anywhere in the city, it affects all of us. We have to be willing to help be a part of the solution, however we’re able.

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