Scientist admits his life’s work has made people dumber

In 1982, polls showed that 44 percent of Americans believed God had created human beings in their present form. Thirty years later, the fraction of the population who are creationists is 46 percent.

In 1989, when “climate change” had just entered the public lexicon, 63 percent of Americans understood it was a problem. Almost 25 years later, that proportion is actually a bit lower, at 58 percent.

The timeline of these polls defines my career in science…

via Welcome to the Age of Denial –

So I guess we know who to blame now.

(Sorry, I know it’s been a while since I’ve written and my first post back should be more than an immature joke, but I couldn’t resist. Here, dear reader, let me make it up to you: Read this affirmation from Ice-T.)

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