Links to the past: Digital publishing edition

Here’s what caught my eye over the past week:

A hotel doorman from the Talbott Hotel in the Gold Coast helped save a baby’s life, which brought us this quote from him: “I’m 54, but I can still run pretty good, especially if there’s a baby that needs help.”

Lots of print publications use “Tell us what you think!” or “Send us your picks” when trying to create Web content around its top lists of burgers, bars, etc. The Chicago Reader took it up a few levels by creating an evolving virtual jukebox of its readers’ favorite songs.

This Adweek piece about ghost websites that manufacture traffic for the purposes of selling ads but have no real readers was a big talker this week. In related news, 60% of people can’t recall the last banner ad they saw.

Even monkeys don’t want anything to do with selfish people.

How The Onion, Vice and Gawker are creating mini-agencies within their media companies.

Time Out Chicago is shuttering its print edition and going all-digital, triggered by an offer from The Sun-Times.

The City of Chicago owes $57.8 million dollars to the company that owns the parking meters because the Daley administration allowed a competing parking garage to open near one the company owned. (In related news: The parking  meter contract included monopolistic guarantees!)

A Gingrich/Santorum 2012 ticket was scuttled because neither could agree who would end up as vice-president which is the Republican primary contest in a nutshell.

Google Alerts are kinda busted.

There’s plenty of information to be had out there unless you’re hoping it’s about your local neighborhood.

And finally, here are a couple pictures of Allison Janney dancing on a table and looking like the coolest person ever.

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