Links to the past: Lyndon Johnson’s pants edition

Normally, these Sunday week-in-review posts will have a few blog posts in between. Guess it was a busy week. Onward then:

This past week was the anniversary of the E2 club disaster. Thomas Conner of The Sun-Times looks at how it changed Chicago club safety and licensing.

Won’t usually be self-linking in this space but Cork & Kerry in Beverly has a new exterior patio wall meant to ape the St. James Gate at the Guinness brewery. I posted a photo of it to Instagram. (Follow me on Instagram via ourmaninchicago).

Chicago comedian Kate MacKinnon was hysterical on SNL last week as a woman in a Russian village who witnessed the fall of meteorites. “Bear with me, Seth…”

Via Charlie Meyerson, here is an animated recording of Lyndon Johnson ordering pants.

I loved this piece by fellow Ohio U./ACRN-FM alum Jillian Mapes on Catfish, meeting people online and self-presentation. It was in Maura magazine, which you can subscribe to here.

Seth Lavin’s Chicago School Wonks e-newsletter used to be required reading before he stopped publishing it to take a full-time job teaching. But he’s still contributing to the Chicago school reform debate. Here are ten questions he asked in the wake of proposed Chicago public school closings with responses from CPS.

Playboy got the Wall Street Journal to run with the idea that it’s more about making money through licensing than nudes these days, a continuing effort to leave its past behind. Nevermind that revenue is down significantly and it missed its 2012 profit projections and its CEO earned both HR complaints about his behavior and a lawsuit accusing him of embezzlement.

Esquire‘s Charlie Pierce calls the waaaaahh-mbulance on Politico.

Taste of Chicago lost $1.3 million dollars last year.

Rainbow Cone opens March 6th!

Facebook conducted an audit of its Insights tool and “uncovered bugs that impacted impression and reach reporting.”

The posting, removal and subsequent re-posting of a NASCAR crash video should have some interesting implications on the attempts of brands to claim copyright of fan-created content.

And finally, it looks like someone started a new site with the old EveryBlock code at

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