A disproportional response

Why hasn’t there been any kind of privately funded, outside investigation into the alleged sexual assaults committed by members of the football team? Why was there no private, outside investigation into Coach Brian Kelly’s role in the death of team videographer Declan Sullivan? It says so much that Te’o’s bizarre soap opera has moved Swarbrick to openly weeping but he hasn’t spared one tear, let alone held one press conference, for Lizzy Seeberg, the young woman who took her own life after coming forward with allegations that a member of the team sexually assaulted her. Swarbrick’s press conference displayed that the problem at Notre Dame is not just football players without a compass; it’s the adults without a conscience. Their credo isn’t any kind of desire for truth or justice. Instead it seems to be little more than a constant effort to protect the Fighting Irish brand, no matter who gets hurt.

via Crying for Manti Teo | The Nation

Mainstream sports media bears some responsibility for the propagation of the  Te’o story and plenty for the lack of coverage of Seeberg’s story. Read Marcus Gilmer’s post on the latter.

Also worth noting is something my wife said last night: The Te’o myth is the kind of news product that comes from publications that trim copy editors and fact-checkers.

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