MySpace could stand to be more complicated

So far, all the news stories I’ve read on the new MySpace make it sound like Jessica Biel: it’s very pretty and has an ongoing relationship with Justin Timberlake.

If people are talking more about the design of MySpace than its functionality that’s probably not a good long-term sign. When they do talk about the functionality, it’s compared to other social networking sites: Pinterest and Facebook, mostly.

Oddly enough, this is the reverse of MySpace’s previous problem: people ignored its lousy design because they loved its functionality. Facebook enjoys the same pass on its design even though it makes it harder to do things like tweak your privacy or sharing settings. But hey, who cares about that when there are so many pictures of babies and food and links to Buzzfeed lists?

Maybe MySpace had to lead with an exciting design to get the benefit of the doubt as it continues to create new features. That’s a decent argument.

But at least Jessica Biel also knows how to act.

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