A brief roundup of my relevant interests

Bits and pieces…

Comics: DC relaunched and renumbered its entire line last week. I’ve read Justice League and Action Comics so far. Justice League didn’t reveal where it was headed while Action suggests the new Superman is a mix of Spider-Man, Batman and…a 1930s-era Superman (with nods to┬áthat era’s mob and wife abuser villains). So both are wait and see. This post from AV Club explains why that’s a good idea when it comes to comics arcs (starting with the third graf of the Justice League review).

Politics: Elizabeth Warren is gunning for Scott Brown’s seat. I think she got hosed by the Obama administration and I wish her all the luck in the world but unless I’m missing something, he’s not exactly vulnerable. Kerry’s caucusing with the dude, for crying out loud.

Internet: Pat Bruno was fired from the Sun-Times and wants to start his own food blog. The Atlantic Wire discusses why this might be harder than he thinks. Why do professional writers – particularly print writers – wait until they are fired to develop an online presence? It’s much easier to do this when you’re employed at a publication that will help you build your audience and, fair or not, it lends your efforts a credence it might not otherwise have that you can leverage into a larger online buildout or a new job.

Media: Spent the better part of 36 hours recovering from what your grandma would call a stomach bug. Upside: I got caught up with a bunch of Quantum Leap episodes I missed when they first aired. Downside: I only missed episodes of the fifth season when the show jumped the shark so…blergh.

Music: An e-mail with the subject line Here is your FREE ukulele lesson book brightened my day.

From my Tumblr: A couple 9/11-related posts, skepticism about Playboy going retro and I’m going to miss Alex Kotlowitz’s writing at chicagomag.com because of posts like this.

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