Mayor Daley apologizes for something he didn’t do

“Even if privatizing the parking meters was the best alternative, the key issue would be whether the administration, starting with Mayor Daley, followed a process to ensure that the most qualified people available conducted the most sophisticated analysis possible to come up with the best agreement for taxpayers.

Mayor Daley has yet to tell his constituents that this happened. And it’s going to be hard for him to do so, because all evidence available suggests that it didn’t.”

– Mick Dumke “Mayor Daley is sorry that we don’t like the parking meter deal“,

What’s always struck me about the Mayor is that even people who don’t like his policies say they come away with positive feelings about him after they have a personal encounter with him. (I’m one of those people.) I think that’s why so many folks roll over for the guy, particularly reporters. Glad Dumke is more clear-eyed than the rest of us.

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