Quick hits

Broadcasting and Cable says that there are no more star anchors. They’re being replaced by reporters who are “using all available resources to gather news.” At the Chicago Journalism Town Hall a couple months ago, Carol Marin noted a similar trend at newspapers, where people who’d been good writers were being shunted aside in favor of those who were multi-talented producer/editor types. This is one of those times when professionals should recognize the industry change, and adapt, not try to fight against it. Mock the intern with the Twitter account at your peril.

Also, I was surprised that Michael Kinsley would say the “death of newspapers” might not be all that bad.

Lastly, I started a Tumblr blog a while back, dropped it, then picked it back up again. It’s mainly filled with short, longer-than-Twitter comments on news stories, amusing pictures, and cool videos. As the title implies, it’s effluvia.

I’m also posting links to all the Our Man In Chicago posts there as well, so if you only want to go to the trouble of following one blog, that’d be it.

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