Some follow-up reading on the Chicago Journalism Town Hall questions

There’s been a flood of discussion on the Chicago Journalism Town Hall this past Sunday. In addition to my piece, you can find audio and video from the event, plus many thoughtful written musings which are collected at the end of this post and in this post on the CJTH site. Whet Moser and Andrew Huff also posted their recommendations for moving forward. And if you’re looking for the eight models for presenting the news, Barbara Iverson has you covered.

The need for new models of journalism is not a new realization for many, but I think it’s fair to say we’ve reached the tipping point for folks who made their bones in the print-only world. I say this not just because of the CJTH, but also because of several pieces I’ve seen this week that touch on the same issues raised during the event:

Cory Bergman at Lost Remote warns against the tendency for writers to ignore the business end of things.

Eli Sanders at The Stranger follows the fear and loathing at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer over the possibility of going online-only, and what it means to be an authority in the new century.

Larry Kramer at The Daily Beast rightly notes that it’s not about newspapers, it’s about news.

And if you read nothing else, read this story from the New York Observer. If you’re as tuned into this stuff as I am, you will get four or five great ideas out of it that can apply to whatever you’re doing on your own sites.

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