It hasn't really happened until there's a commemorative plate made about it

Erin and I were watching The West Wing when we saw a commercial for an Obama commemorative plate called “Historic Victory.” Watch the (criminally unembeddable) video here.

These are my favorite parts, as they occur:

The “Here’s to Obama” toast at the beginning.

The dude who gives the Guy Nod to the plate as it sits on his desk.

His confident smile and kind eyes…

The little white girl who waves at the plate.

The “celebration fireworks” on the plate even though there weren’t any in Grant Park during his acceptance speech.

The electoral vote on the back of the plate reads “Undetermined 27.” They wanted to get the plate out so quickly they didn’t even bother to wait until the – historic! – final vote total.

Yes you can…own a piece of history!

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