Nice work if you can get it

I just posted two current projects in the “Recent Work” column to the right. The first is a new video series we’re running on the TOC blog called “Ask Andy,” wherein our illustrious HR manager Andy Katzman answers HR-related questions from our readers via video blogs. The answers are Andy’s, the rest of the silliness is my doing. I’m still amazed at what a good sport Andy is about the whole thing, especially since the update I’m posting this Tuesday involves a pony.

The second is another video I shot and edited with the guys from Impress These Apes. ITA is a talent show, of sorts, judged by three hyper-intelligent apes from the future. You can find out more by reading the article that accompanies the video(bottom of the page), which features the apes and their host giving their opinions on what to watch for in the fall. If you’ve never seen ITA, find your way to the Lakeshore Theater in September/October; it’s easily one of the funniest shows in Chicago.

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