Sold Train

After 38 years as the conductor of “Soul Train,” Don Cornelius has sold the show to MadVision Entertainment. The company plans on creating new episodes, and it also sounds like they’ll be releasing old episodes on DVD and what have you.

First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to pitch my idea for “The Afro-Sheen Music Minute,” a new “Soul Train” feature wherein ?uestlove of The Roots would review the week’s hot new tracks with Charlie Sheen. Go ahead and try to come up with a more compelling concept, I dare you. Plus, you’ve also got a built-in sponsorship opportunity.* You’re welcome, MadVision. Send me a Facebook message and we can do some business.

Also, wedding season is upon us. So it’s time to start building up your repertoire of dance moves now. Here is your homework:

* Apparently, they don’t make Afro Sheen anymore. Maybe Dark and Lovely will be interested.

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