Scarlett Johansson is….Wonder Woman?

I was mildly disappointed when Jessica Biel, who had been in talks to play Wonder Woman in an rumored Justice League of America film, turned down the role (this should not be confused with the Wonder Woman film that Joss Whedon had been helming until this year). I think it’s a bad idea to make a JLA film as it’ll just confuse the non-geeks out there, and superhero flicks work best when there’s a limit on the number of heroes and villains (compare and contrast Time Burton’s first Batman flick with his second). So anything that makes this film harder to make is fine with me (bad superhero flicks that tank make it that much harder for the good ones to make it to the screen and I’m kinda hoping someone figures out a way to get Ryan Reynolds in the ol’ red boots). But, you know, seeing Jessica Biel in the WW gear…wouldn’t have been terrible.


As I’ve said, I would like to see a Wonder Woman flick get made, and I think Gary Frank, one of DC’s artists, has his own ideas about who should play her. Check out this frame from Wonder Woman Annual #1 which hit stores this month.

Remind you of anyone?

2 comments for “Scarlett Johansson is….Wonder Woman?

  1. Rach=)
    October 7, 2007 at 2:15 am

    I Scarlett J. is Wonder Woman, I will tear my eyes out and throw them at the goddamn casting director! To quote a most excellent blogger/columnist: “Scarlett J. is Molly Sims only with a better agent.”

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