While the week’s writing has waned, I have been busy. Dick Prall is a local musician I met when he asked me to moderate a political debate, hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He’s on staff there, and apparently thought I’d be good for the gig after someone there saw me read the Richard Marx letters. No, I’m not sure I see the connection either, but I guess they were looking for someone who’s comfortable on stage with a beer in his hand and let’s face it: I can hit that mark as easy as dropping a tennis ball on the floor.

In any case, we’ve been friendly since then and recently he asked me to write a bio to accompany his new album, Weightless. You’ll find that here.

I’ve never taken on an assignment like this before, and probably wouldn’t have if Prall hadn’t been a musician I enjoy or if he’d been looking for me to write the kind of fawning, lots-of-words-here-but-nothing’s-being-said bio that I see countless examples of in promotional one-sheets. He said he wanted something straight-ahead and journalistic, so I ended up approaching it like most of the other band profiles I’ve done.

Like everyone with access to electricity and a guitar, Dick’s got a MySpace page and I’d encourage you to check it out. Seriously, have I ever steered you wrong on music?

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  1. October 12, 2007 at 8:33 pm

    i saw dick prall … man, he used to have a band, i think. i can’t remember the name. i saw him a long time ago and really liked his music. i saw him at schuba’s acoustic. (i guess i ought to check your bio or his myspace right about now.) but his name never left my mind as someone whose music i knew was ‘my type of music.’ i think he’s played some international pop overthrows and stuff (which is probably in your bio if he has).ha. anyway, i only have a limited time on the puter, so i will go and check some stuff out.

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