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Has anyone else seen the new commercial for the BMW 5 series? I wouldn’t normally have noticed for two reasons:

1. I rock the Tivo.
2. I have no money, and can barely afford a ride in one of those bike rickshaws, much less a BMW.

In any case, a chassis is seen cruising the streets as this black goo surrounds the car, creating the steering wheel, the seats, and the rest of the vehicle. I kept waiting to hear “You can see the new BMW 5 series in Spider-Man 3“, but it never happened.

The rest of this is mostly local, so I apologize to those folks from Sweden who keep ending up here as the result of Google searches for Naked Eyes songs.

Leave it to the University of Chicago to make fun complicated. Next up, a kegger which requires you to brew your own beer first.

Chicagoans: remember how Radiohead was denied a permit to perform at Millennium Park, and we all laughed at the rubes who wouldn’t let the “dangerous” rock band play in the pretty park? Well, maybe they had a point. Because apparently when you mix rock and rich people venues, it causes Skip, Lance and Reginald to start some m’f’in’ shit! Seriously? At a Ben Folds show? At the Boston Pops? Rockin’ the suburbs indeed.

Finally, TOC just launched its Summer Festival Guide. We’ve got all the street fests laid out for you, plus articles, interviews, etc. Look for more updates throughout the summer. Yours truly contributed a do’s and don’ts list with some valuable tips to keep you from puking, looking like a stalker or acting like a jackass this summer.

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  1. May 11, 2007 at 9:22 am

    good list. and if i am going to enjoy the fair or band or whatever, i do go through the line and pay the fee. but if i live there or am just walking through or am fucking ass poor, i don’t really feel obligated to pay. it’s a public street!! and they truly are supposed to be donations for that reason. so i don’t like when people give you attitude like you’re trying to break into lollapalooza or something. it’s like, i live down here, jackass! i’m not paying $5 to go home.ya know? anyway, i should get to bed. i have a big day of looptopia tomorrow and the chick on “early today” just said, “if you’re just getting up …” oops.

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